Jul 16
posted by: Christoph on 16.07.19 14:15 in Trading

Here is our outlook for CW 29:

Have a successful week!

Jul 15
posted by: Christoph on 15.07.19 21:25 in Trading

BUY   OMC at $ 83.75   Figures are coming on 17th July 2019. Stock market opening should be above expectations.     Our Rule:   Method: We always buy a position in the size of about $ 800. Shortly before the earnings, which we researched.   expectation: With good numbers a gap upwards. We will close the position on the same day or in the next few days. Should the market pick up the numbers poorly or bad numbers come, we expect a gap down of not more than 20%. In our case, it would be $ 150.

Jul 14
posted by: Matthias Müller on 14.07.19 13:47 in Trading

The US markets are currently in great shape.

Stocks should continue to respond well to positive news.
The fed has maintained its support for an interest control, at the expansion at demand,
Even a few bad news might be good for the market.

Expectations are high that the FED will cut interest rates by at least a quarter point at its next FOMC
meeting on July 30 and 31. And it is becoming more and more likely that by the end of the year, a rate cut of half a point (or more) is expected.
In the meantime, markets are ready to sustain profits.
We had a great first half. Actually a record in the first half of the year.
And we expect the second half to be just as good, if not better.
I've said it before and I'll say it again - these are historical times for the economy and the marketplace.
And with the historic time ...