Video Course 1-3

“The Holy Grail” – the ultimate Trading System

The "Holy Grail" system is the trading system for the short- and medium-term trader in stocks, certificates and CFDs.
You can use the system for all markets. The most lucrative results were reached at last in 2015 in the US markets with an overriding performance of 53%.

The system requires very little work from you: check only once a day your stock pool and signals occurring stop taking your orders. The "Holy Grail" system is easy to understand and leaves out all superfluous. It allows you – doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or already professional private trader - to build up wealth with low risk.
All trading platforms depending on markets and products you want to trade. There should be a live data feed with the current market rates. We work together with "IB Interactive Brokers" and we use the chart software "TC 2000".
The video course includes 3 courses with 17 lessons with a total duration of 2 hours.
You will also get for free the "Holy Grail" Excel tool for calculating the various numbers of the trading system.

Class 1: The Holy Grail and the entry signal

Section 1:
- Why do traders fail to beat the market consistently?
- The development of the “Holy Grail”.
- The rules of the “Holy Grail”.

Section 2:
- Setting up the chart software in your computer.

Section 3:
- The Holy Grail entry signal
- Finding the entry signal (using the S&P 500).

Section 4:
- Why is it better to trade U.S. markets?

Section 5:
- The entry playbook.

Section 6:
- Summary of class 1.

Class 2: Setting stops with the ATR

Section 1:
- Why set a stop loss?

Section 2:
- The ATR – what is it and how does it work?
- Free download of the “Holy Grail” Excel tool.
- Using the tool to set the ATR stop.

Section 3:
- Examples for setting stops in “TC2000”.
- Setting stops during long trades.
- Setting stops during short trades.
- Additional rules.

Section 4:
- Typical trader mistakes.

Section 5:
- The playbook for setting stops.

Class 3: Composition and scanning of the stock pool and the exit signal

Section 1:
- The percentage edge over the stock market.
- Composing the stock pool.

Section 2:
- Determining the amount of different shares in the pool.

Section 3:
- Adding shares to your stock pool.
- Diversification across all industrial branches and fields.

Section 4:
- Scanning the stock pool.
- Optimizing the stock pool.

Section 5:
- The exit signals.
- The exit playbook.

Section 6:
- Summary of classes 1-3.